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What do you need to know if you want to try flyboard in Dubai

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Flyboard is a fun water sport that came to be in 2011 thanks to the Frenchman, aquabike champion, Frankie Zapata. Flyboard is one of the most popular water sports in Dubai today. There is hardly anyone who, being here on vacation, will refuse to try this entertainment.

The Nemo Watersports team was one of the first to offer flyboarding in Dubai, over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience in hosting this event. Especially for you, we have collected all the questions that may arise if you want to try flyboard for the first time.

What is a flyboard and how does it work?

Structurally, a flyboard is a board that, with the help of the reactive force of the water flow, pumped through special sleeves by a jet ski, lifts a person and allows him to soar above the water surface. Adjusting the water pressure in the mainstream and special hand stabilizers allow the flyboarder to perform the most incredible tricks and pirouettes.

What do you need to know if you want to try flyboard in Dubai

Is it hard to control the flyboard?

From the outside, it seems like an incredibly dangerous action, available only to the most extreme individuals. In fact, this water entertainment is available to most, because the training is quite simple. Having understood the principle of flyboard control, with the help of a competent instructor, after 10-15 minutes you can easily hover above the water, and at a more advanced level, and perform various spectacular tricks in the air while flying over water.

Is flyboard dangerous?

Flyboard is completely safe. The board itself does not sink, does not get in the way of the athlete, on the contrary, it helps to stay afloat. For greater safety, beginner flyboarders are advised to use a life jacket and helmet.

How high can I go on the flyboard?

The height which you can reach on the board depends on the flyboard model, sometimes you can soar up to a height of 10 meters. With the help of Nemo Watersports instructors, you can climb 6 meters above the water surface.

Who can use a flyboard?

Due to its low trauma rates and high safety, flyboard lessons are available to almost everyone. There are only a few design-related weight restrictions. The recommended user weight is from 40 to 120 kg, depending on the characteristics of a particular device.

The minimum required age to use a flyboard is 13 years old.

What should I wear for a flyboard session?

No special equipment is required for the class. To comfortably soar on the board, a regular bathing suit and life jacket are enough. At Nemo Watersports, a life jacket is provided for the entire duration of the activity.

How much does a flyboard session in Dubai cost?

A 30-minute session costs 350 AED. The second session costs 300 AED.