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Jet Ski Tour

370 AED
630 AED
935 AED

Flyboard in Dubai

370 AED

Combo Flyboard 30min

Jet Ski 30min
650 AED
Jet Ski 1h
850 AED


30 min / 1H / 2H
Starting from 400 AED

Tubing & Adrenaline Tour

30 min +
600 + AED
45 min +
1000 + AED

Dubai Sightseeing Tour

60 min
600 + AED
1h 30 min
800 + AED

Yacht Rental

From 4 to more than 50 people
From 950 AED for 2h

Unique Holidays in Dubai

Do you wonder what are the best marine activities in Dubai? What is the best way to experience this breathtaking city? There is plenty do to in this city-state of the United Arab Emirates and we offer several fun activities on the water for you to enjoy your holidays or your lifestyle in the Emirates! What about jet ski in Dubai waterfront? You can do it with family, as a couple, with friends or solo. We jet ski around all Dubai’s top attractions, skyscrapers, and iconic buildings. All our jet ski tours stop by the luxurious hotel the Burj Al Arab, built into the sea so you can have fun and get your photo souvenir from Dubai. Then you have the option to ride further, to Jumeirah Beach Residence aka JBR, Dubai Marina Skyline, the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis hotel, and finally enjoy the best sightseeing of the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world nearby the Dubai Mall. Jet ski in Dubai is definitely the best way to visit the city and have fun during your holidays.

Among the activities we offer, you can try the flyboard and tubing towed with a speedboat. Flyboard sessions are held in one of the best spots in the city, where you can not only have a great time but also take memorable photos with the Burj Al Arab in the background. This activity is a fairly recent development (the engine was created in 2011) and we were one of the first companies to offer it in Dubai and in the world.

Our tubing option is great to have fun with friends. You can all board on the Nemo Boat 1 and go for a speedboat tour not far from the Burj Al Arab. While your friends are on the tube, you can tease them, take pictures and videos, or just sit and enjoy the view. And being towed by a speedboat is a really different and unique experience.

For those not afraid of heights you can observe the city from the sky and try parasailing in Dubai. You will be able to see most of the emirate, Dubai best beaches, the Palm, Dubai Skyline, and even a bit of the desert. This is definitely a place where parasailing is great and maybe the next step for you will be skydiving in Dubai as well?

If you feel like you want a bit of luxury and more privacy, Dubai is the place! Why not rent a yacht? It can be for a special event, to organize a party or just spend a nice afternoon in the sea. We have yachts accommodating from 2 to more than 50 people. And we can arrange the yacht rental and preparations inside like catering or decorating.

While in Dubai water pastime is a great way option as it is fun, active, and unique, it is also a way to experience our beautiful city from the sea. Nemo Water Sports offers different activities to make sure you can find which one suits you. Indulge yourself in some unusual and enjoyable activity in the "Venice of the Gulf", as some call Dubai.

We have an international team who knows the city and the UAE very well. Most of the team has been living in Dubai for more than 5 years. Nemo WaterSports Dubai team is proud to offer a service with high western standards. And we will make sure you have a great time during your holidays in Dubai to remember it as the best holiday destination between Europe and Asia.

customer during a jet ski stop in front of Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah

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group of friends on their jet ski in front of the Burj Al Arab 2 customers during a jet ski stop at Dubai Marina customers during a jet ski stop in front of the Burj Al Arab