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The best water sports activities in Dubai

Water sports in Dubai are the most popular activities among guests of the metropolis. It's a great way to have fun, explore new beaches, get energized and make new friends. The Nemo Watersports team offers a wide range of water activities in Dubai: jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, boat tours, yachts and more.

Take a breezy ride along Dubai’s seashore, take in the sea view while on a gorgeous 40 feet long yacht, rise above sea level on a flyboard or on parachute - you can pick any and all of these water sport activities in Dubai with us.

Many of Dubai’s signature landmarks are located along the seashore and can be seen in all their beauty during your water adventure. A jet ski ride is a great way to combine sightseeing with an adrenaline-pumping ride that will gift you with incredible energy.

We have a wide range of water activities in Dubai for every taste, choose and book!


How does jet skiing with Nemo Watersports go? First, we provide safety briefings and explain how a jet ski works. Then everyone sits down on their own jet ski. Please note that you can take a friend on the jet ski at no additional cost. The instructor goes in front and you follow. He will stop at various important places in the city so that you can take pictures of the sights as a souvenir. Our jet skis are stable and powerful machines, and we monitor their technical condition at all times.

There are three options for a jet skiing:

  • 30 minutes;
  • An hour
  • Two hours

Price starts at 300 AED


One flight lasts for about 10 minutes. A session goes on for one hour, as we have around 3-4 flights during it. If you want to enjoy the experience with somebody, you can try duo parasailing with a partner.

There are options for a parasailing:

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Solo Sunset
  • Duo Sunset
To find out more information, click on the image.

Price starts at 400 AED

Flyboard in Dubai

To fully enjoy your vacation with friends or family, we also offer other water sports in Dubai such as flyboard. NemoWatersports is one of the first nautical bases to offer this relatively new water activity for Dubai tourists. For 30 minutes, you will have the opportunity to fly over the water, balancing on a water jet. The thrill is guaranteed!

There are two options for this water activity:

  • 30 minute session;
  • The second session comes with a discount
To find out more about our prices or to book an event, click on the image.

Price starts at 350 AED


You can choose different days for activities, do not have to do both activities one after the other. Just specify in the comment desired days and times section in the booking.

Our parasailing combo offers with:

  • Jet Ski 30 min
  • Jet Ski 1h
  • Flyboard 30 min

Price starts at 600 AED


Our jet car prices are fixed and you can bring another person to share the jet car ride with you, and will get to take turns driving during the session at no extra cost if you wish. Everyone will have a chance at the wheel!

There are three options for a jet car:

  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
For details, click on the image below.

Price starts at 750 AED


Not long ago, Nemo Watersports came up with the idea to combine two popular water sports in Dubai: jet ski and flyboard. This allows you to multiply the thrill and return from your Dubai vacation with great memories. You can go jet skiing and then try flyboarding.

There are two options for a combination of entertainment:

  • 30 minutes of jet skiing and 30 minutes of flyboard;
  • An hour of the jet ski and 30 minutes of flyboard.
To learn more about this offer and book this combo of water activities in Dubai, click on the image.

Price starts at 600 AED


If you're a thrill-seeker, why not indulge in a wakeboarding session in Dubai? Wakeboarding will give you everything you expect! This activity is the latest innovation offered by Nemo WaterSports, the n° 1 in water activities in Dubai according to Trip Advisor! We offer several options whether you are alone or in a group. You will have the choice between being towed by one of our jet-skis or a boat.

There are three options for this water sports activity:

  • 30 min wakeboard session;
  • 1h wakeboard session
  • 2h wakeboard session;
Choose the one that suits you best!

Price starts at 400 AED

Tubing & Adrenaline Tour

For those who want to get an adrenaline rush and try a new form of entertainment, we have a unique offer - tubing from a speed boat or an adrenaline tour. These are two of our new water activities available to tourists since 2020. We want to add something special to your vacation and give you new experiences that you can share with your friends.

There are three options for this water sports activity:

Tubing / Donut Ride:

  • 30min session;
  • 1h session

Adrenaline Tour / Go-Fast:

  • 45min tour;
  • 1h15 session

Combo Adrenaline Tour + Tubing: 1h15 session

Tubing and adrenaline tour are a lot of positive emotions and excitement, for details, click on the image below.

Price starts at 600 AED

Speedboat sightseeing tour in Dubai

For everyone who prefers to quietly and calmly admire the beauty of the seaside resort, we offer our sea sightseeing trip on a speed boat. During the trip, you can admire the picturesque views of Dubai from the sea, spend time with your loved ones, take pictures of the city and get a lot of positive emotions. We've designed three Dubai sightseeing tours to choose from, covering the city's top attractions. You can also choose the time of day - day tour, sunset tour or night trip.

There are three options for this water adventure:

  • Day Tour (60min and 1h30m);
  • Sunset Tour (60min and 1h30m)
  • Night Tour (1h30)
If you want to know more, click on the picture or name.

Price starts at 800 AED


Dubai yacht rental deals impress even the most sophisticated tourists, you can choose a vessel according to your desired parameters. You will have a chance to look at Dubai from the sea – from the side of the bay, you will see all the best sights of the city. Nemo Watersports offers you a wide range of luxury yachts. You will like the terms of the lease, and we will be happy to help with the realization of your ideas.

  • Rent from 2 hours.
  • From 9 to 40 people.
To find out more about renting a yacht and booking, click on the image.

Price starts from AED 950


Morning and afternoon boat trips and morning and afternoon safari tours are available for booking. In our camp, where, depending on what time of the safari you chose, there will be breakfast or barbeque waiting for you, meals are included in the price. After eating, you can relax, get a henna tattoo, ride a camel, take a photo in Bedouin national dress. Then our driver will take you back to your place in Dubai.



Do you want extreme and bright emotions? Look into a Dubai desert safari on a quad bike or a buggy.

We have several offers for you:

  • A jet ski ride and safari tour on a quad bike.
  • A jet ski ride and safari tour on a buggy.