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Combo jet ski & flyboard

The best of both worlds


YAMAHA VX & VXR 2022, 1500cc & 1800cc – STABLE 3 SEATERS – MAX SPEED 100 KM/H

AED 600 - AED 800

During your holidays in Dubai, do you want to do some jet skiing to visit the city and also try the flyboard? First, that’s a good idea, as you can discover Dubai from its blue waters, and we have one of the best spots to flyboard in Dubai just next to the famous hotel the Burj Al Arab, one of the emblems of the Emirate. Second, because we came up with a package offer for you!

We propose two packages aka the combo:

  • Jet Ski 30min + Flyboard 30min at 600 AED instead of 720 AED
  • Jet Ski 1h + Flyboard 30min at 800 AED instead of 980 AED

30 min Jet Ski Tour + 30 min Flyboard

AED 600 (VAT included) instead of AED 720 (VAT included)

The flyboard part is only for one person per combo. However, on the jet ski part you can still be 2 on the jet ski if you wish to come with someone, and switch driver during the tour if you would like to with no price surcharge. You can come with a friend, your partner or you child. During the flyboard session your companion can admire your exploit from the beach which is 50 meters from the base. Our flyboard instructor will take pictures and video of you that he will transfer you for free by airdrop, on WhatsApp or per email after the session. This way, the person coming with you can also just relax and enjoy the sun and the beach!


1h Jet Ski Tour + 30 min Flyboard

AED 800 (VAT included) instead of AED 980 (VAT included)

The flyboard part is only for one person per combo. However, you can take one person with you and ride a jet ski together (included in the price). Your companion can walk along the beach during your flyboarding session, as well as take some photos or videos with the Burj Al Arab in the background, or even of you flying above. The beach is 50 meters from the base, so the photos will be amazing. We want you to have as much fun as possible and try water sports in the UAE, which is a great place to do it. That's why we made this offer so you can enjoy both jet ski and flyboard and have a great time in Dubai during your trip.