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Wakeboarding in Dubai

Looking for a fun activity during your holidays in Dubai, or a short layover in the Emirate? Why not try a new water sport that is a bit more physical and is guaranteed to leave you with one of a kind memories? Why not try the wakeboard!

30 MIN / 1H / 2H


400 AED - 550 AED - 650 AED - 800 AED - 1500 AED

Riding the Arabian Gulf Sea, feeling the wind, and the speed first hand. The activity is getting more and more popular as it is easy to get the hang of it within the first 15 minutes and evokes great feelings comparable to other board sports like windsurfing, surfing, skateboarding, skiing, and kite. And you can do it in any weather, unlike many other sliding sports that require wind or snow.


What happens during the wakeboard session?

You join us at our marina alone or with friends and/or family. Our marina is very well located, around 20min by car from any point of the city. You board the Nemo Boat with our captain and one instructor. We give you a briefing while we leave the port in the direction of the Burj Al Arab. And once out in the sea on a nice spot, this is your time to shine! Our boat has a 14 person capacity, so feel free to come with as many people as you want either to also try wakeboarding in Dubai, or just enjoy the boat tour while admiring your sliding skills. The instructor takes photos and videos during the tour, either with your device or ours, and we will transfer them for free at the end of the wakeboarding session. The Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world is also well visible from our wakeboard spot, and you will also get some great shots with it in the background.

Wakeboarding in Dubai – prices.

We have 2 formulas: either towed by a jet ski, or by a speedboat.

With a jet ski*:
➡️ 30 min wakeboard session: 400 AED
➡️ 1h wakeboard session: 650 AED

* Only the person doing the activity can participate, as they ride behind the instructor to the sliding spot.

With a speedboat**:

➡️ 30 min wakeboard session: 550 AED
➡️ 1h wakeboard session: 800 AED
➡️ 2h wakeboard session: 1,500 AED

** 14 people can board on the speedboat and all can try the wakeboard during the session

Why wakeboard with Nemo WaterSports?

The wakeboard is an exceptional sliding experience. It has proven itself over time. Created in 1983, it was intended for riders, in order to be an alternative sport similar to those popular at that time (skateboarding, windsurfing, surfing) without the need for particular weather conditions (wind, swell, etc.). Our nautical base is located very close to the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, an iconic building in Dubai: can we dream of a better background for your photos? And if you dream of the Burj Khalifa instead, that's possible too. Indeed, from the top of its 828 meters it is the tallest tower in the world, and it is therefore visible from very far away.

- We ride both professional and novice riders;

- Our instructors speak various languages;

- Our boat automatically adjusts the wave especially for you, our instructor will always help you to master wakesurfing as correctly and quickly as possible;

- Fun atmosphere while skiing, it is comfortable and easy to wakeboard with us;

- Riding safely. Safety is important to us, we take care of our equipment, technique and skiing conditions;

- Experienced instructors who will help make your ride exciting and interesting, as well as help you master the sport;

- Our instructor is always happy to take a lot of new cool photos for you;

- Wakeboard lessons. Fast learning. You will get on the board on the first session;

- Easy progress. The feedback and experience of our instructors will help you succeed on your first ride. We make wakesurfing possible for everyone


How does a wakeboarding session in Dubai go?

Wakeboarding will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful views of the coastline of Dubai will be a pleasant addition to your riding

If you are a beginner and you have no experience in wakeboarding, our instructors will help you. We provide wakeboard lessons in Dubai for you. The boat captain and an experienced instructor work together, so that every rider gets an individual approach. Our instructors will conduct competent training, answer questions and correct mistakes. We will train you and help you get on the board right at the first session, every lesson is supervised to ensure the safety of our visitors.

On average, it initially takes between 5 and 15 minutes to get out of the water and stand up. So don't worry about having little or no experience.

Our wakeboarding lessons are included in the price of your session.

Experienced riders will be delighted with our cool, professional towing boats for the wakeboard. You can enjoy the speed, cool waves and glorious views of the coast of Dubai.

When you book a boat, we provide all the necessary equipment for wakeboarding. If you have any additional requests - let us know.

Most of our visitors return to us again and again. Book your wakeboard trip with Nemo WaterSports and you will have a lot of fun!