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Try our parasailing activity in Dubai!

If you are looking for the best way to enjoy Dubai’s scenic views, our parasailing ride activity is the way to go! Floating high above the water is truly an exhilarating experience. If you are looking for a bit of adrenaline, and sightseeing, and don’t feel like getting wet, parasailing would be an excellent option for you, and the speedboat tour would be a great alternative! On top of the thrills, you will get the best holiday pictures.

We are ideally located less than 10 minutes away from the Burj Al Arab, and the parasailing sessions offer the best background. The sessions are near the Burj Al Arab, and we can also offer Dubai Marina and Atlantis views at different prices.

Our team will take pictures during your parasailing flight behind a boat in Dubai. Also, you can also rent our GoPro with a selfie stick to be able to capture the moment from above and have a video of your adventure to share with friends and family.

How does the Dubai parasailing session go?

Please arrive at our marina 15 minutes before the session. Our guest manager will welcome you and you will be introduced to the captain and his helper. They will brief you on the safety instructions and what happens during the trip. No experience is needed, most of our clients trying parasailing are first-timers. And what an amazing place for a first is parasailing over the sea!




Our marina is small and cozy and our parasailing boat is just at the exit. We are out of the port 2 minutes after you board and the Burj Al Arab is less than 10 minute ride away.

Once there, the captain will open up the parachute and call the first flyers up. You take off and land directly from the boat. Our boat is designed specifically for it, and our captain and helper are experienced in this type of flight. This is also the safest way to do the parasailing ride activity.

The flight lasts around 10 minutes. And the activity itself lasts about 1 hour. As we have 3-4 flights on the same boat ride, plus the time to be in place, change flyers, and come back to the marina.

You can board the boat with one person. We can do solo and duo flights if you want to enjoy the experience with a friend or family member.


Trio flights are not allowed in Dubai, so even if our parasails are designed to support trios, we cannot yet do it.

Sunset parasailing flights in Dubai depend on the season: 

5.30 pm and 6 pm from October to end of January, 

6 pm to 6.30 pm in February, March and September, 

6.30 pm to 7 pm from April to August.

What to bring for your parasailing session

  • have a small backpack or bag for your belongings on you
  • wear clothing for outdoor activities. Light and comfortable clothes made of quick-drying materials and shoes with a secure fit are suitable.
  • a spare set of clothes and a towel. We have a changing cabin on site. While parasailing, you can get wet.
  • sunscreen and sunglasses. Bring a sunscreen with UV protection. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the bright sun and splashes.
  • drinking water and light snacks. It will keep you energized throughout the day.
  • phone. Charge it in advance. You can take beautiful photos and videos to share your impressions with your friends later.
  • money and documents. When parasailing, as with any trip, it’s always a good idea to have a small amount of cash with you for unexpected expenses.
  • booking confirmation or voucher. Make sure you have proof of your booking or payment for parasailing.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and enjoy every minute in the air! Parasailing will make you feel like a free bird soaring over beautiful landscapes.


Parasailing restrictions must be respected for the safety of participants.
According to the age
16 years old and up can go on a solo session
5+ year old children can participate with a adult
This entertainment requires physical and emotional maturity.
By weight
Weight limit is from 45 to 150kg.
Weight plays an important role in balancing and flight safety. Weight affects the ability of a parasailer to maintain a safe altitude and control of the flight.
We recommend that people with high or low blood pressure refrain from this type of activity, and parasailing is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Why choose Nemo Watersports to try the parasailing activity in Dubai?

  • Multilingual team. All the members of the team speak English and we also have Arabic, French, Dutch, Russian, Urdu, and Panjabi speakers.
  • Experienced team. We have 2 captains with more than 5 years of experience in parasailing between Dubai and different parts of the world.
  • Special boat, designed for parasailing with the engine inside and compartmented and not outside. And the take-off and landing are on the boat and not from/to the sea.
  • 3 different parasails. All are produced in the UK by the best parasail manufacturer in the world. They are inspected daily and replaced regularly. Each parasail is used for a different wind speed.
  • Safety comes first – we do not leave the marina when the wind is even slightly strong. We are lucky to have great weather in Dubai. But in the winter months, we can have up to 5 days a month we cannot fly. We also advise morning flights, as in most coastal cities, the sea is usually calmer in the morning with the wind getting stronger through the day.

Come and discover Dubai from a different angle with this unique experience. Alone or as a couple, treat yourself to a breath of fresh air and a moment full of thrills!

Experience the sensation of walking on water (you can also take off and land without touching the water!) and immortalize this moment with a beautiful photo done from the parasailing boat in Dubai!

Parasailing Dubai prices:

Solo Parasailing

400 AED

Duo Parasailing

750 AED

Solo Sunset Parasailing

500 AED

Duo Sunset Parasailing

850 AED



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