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Tubing & Adrenaline Tour

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7 people on the boat – 4-seater on the donut – goggles on the adrenaline tour

Tubing / Donut Ride: 30min session: 600 AED (£120 / $160) – 1h session: 1,000 AED (£200 / $270)

Adrenaline Tour / Go-Fast: 45min tour: 1,000 AED (£200 / $270) – 1h15 session: 1,500 AED (£300 / $410)

Combo Adrenaline Tour + Tubing: 45min adrenaline tour + 30min tubing: 1,300 AED (£260 / $350)

Looking for a more interactive water activity with friends or the whole family? Why not trying tubing from a speedboat or the adrenaline tour our 2 new water activities launched during the summer of 2020? We were one of the first in Dubai to start jet ski tours and flyboard in 2015. And we wanted to bring different experiences, which are fun, you can share with friends and still offer a bit of adrenaline. During your holidays in the UAE or if you live in the Emirates and look for something different give a try to our new water sports. Dubai is a special place for water activities, and tubing around Dubai scenic views brings a different taste to it. Are you ready to board on the Nemo Boat 1, jump on the Nemo Donut or try our go-fast tour for a pinch of adrenaline?


Just come to our marina and we take care of the rest

What should you expect? Our team welcomes you at our base, and you board with our captain and our guest manager. They give you the safety instructions and make sure your trip is all safe. They can also give you a few tips about the main landmarks and the city. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about life in Dubai.
You can board our speedboat with 6 friends or family members, our speedboat can welcome 7 passengers. Then sit comfortably and we are ready to go.

Tubing Experience

Our base is very well located, just next to the Burj Al Arab, one of the most famous Dubai landmarks, built on the sea. We ride with the luxurious 7 stars hotel in the background. While you wait for your turn on the tube, you can enjoy the scenic view of the first emblem of the Emirate. You can take photos and videos of your friends’ great donut ride to make your friends back home jealous. Our guest manager would also be happy to take pictures anytime you need. Or you can tease your friends on the tube, but you cannot fail to impress when your turn eventually comes.

There can be 4 people on the donut at the same time. And do not worry about the weight, the speedboat has plenty of power. But of course, no pressure, you can just enjoy the ride, no need to go to the sea if you do not feel like it. If you already planned not to go on the tube, no need to wear a swimsuit…but you can still bring it just in case.

On the Nemo Donut, you will have guaranteed fun. Compared to other tubing experience, being towed by a speedboat offer much more adrenaline, and our captain is a specialist. Just tell him which pace you want to go to. And he will follow the vibe. All rides start slowly so you can get used to the tube and the waves, and you are ready to be the last survivor on the donut.

On the 60min session, feel free to ask our captain to venture further. We can ride along Palm Jumeirah, up to its top to view Atlantis hotel with its architecture from the One Thousand and One Nights. And on the way back, you can admire the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world from the sea. Dubai is truly magical.

To know before the experience
Minimum age to be a passenger on the boat: 5 years old
Minimum age to ride the donut: 12 years old
We provide the safety jacket


Adrenaline Tour / Go-Fast

Are you looking for a big shot of adrenaline or to test your limits? Our adrenaline tour is the ultimate speed activity in the scenic Dubai skyline. Sit tight, our captain is on for a fast ride. Our speed boat is equipped with 2 powerful engines turning it into a proper sea Subaru. We give you goggles to admire the view and feel comfortable with the speed.
On the 45 minutes tour, we leave our base direction the Burj Al Arab. We then speed along the Palm Jumeirah towards Atlantis hotel with its typical Arabic design. On the 1h15 tour, after the Atlantis stop, we ride to the Burj Khalifa, to get a sense of its 1km high from the sea.
At each landmark, we take a small break so you can take a deep breath. You can also take the perfect pictures of your Dubai holidays. Our guest manager is here to help if you want group pictures.
Are you ready for the adventure?

To know before the experience
Minimum age: 16 years old
We provide the safety jackets and the goggles