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30min - 350+ AED

2nd session - 300 AED

Flyboard in Dubai

Fly above water


AED 350+ - AED 300


30 min Flyboard Session

AED 350+ (VAT included)

Are you on a holiday in Dubai or planning one? And do you want a little more than just to stay on a private beach and take in the scenery and enjoy the warm sea of the Arabian Gulf? We suggest you try flyboard in Dubai!Flyboarding is an activity that involves hovering over water on a board with a hose connected to the center and water entering through it. The power of the water jet can lift a person up to 10 meters into the air, so you can fly, jump and perform tricks over water and in water. It is a fairly recent and fun activity for all levels, from beginner to advanced, patented by French people from southeast France back in 2011. Most of our clients are doing it for the first time... and often wish they’d have done flyboard right at the beginning of their stay in Dubai! On average it takes between 5 and 15 minutes to have good command, to be able to fly, and to be comfortable at 6 meters above the sea! Our instructors, mostly French or French-speaking, guide you through the activity. They mastered the flyboard to allow you to go at your own pace according to your level. And they monitor you and give advice throughout the session to help you do the right things and fly away and stay in the air effortlessly! If you want to have memories of you trying out the flyboard in Dubai, we got it covered! During your flyboarding session, they take pictures and videos of your exploits. And to add to that, we're on a beach right next to Burj Al Arab, one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates, and above all an emblem of Dubai! What could be better than a souvenir photo with Burj Al Arab in the background, but also Burj Khalifa?


2nd Flyboard Session

AED 300 (VAT included)

Even if the Dubai Mall is a little far away, and not visible from the waterfront, the Burj Khalifa is visible from almost everywhere in Dubai. A little normal for the world's tallest tower, 1 km high, which dethroned the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the Guinness des Records in 2009! And then as in Dubai, the sky is always blue and clear, you can compete against Burj Khalifa and try to go higher... everything depends on the perspective ? So when you are planning your trip to Dubai, don't hesitate. If there is one activity not to be missed after the traditional visits to Dubai by jet ski, safari, and various shopping malls, it is flyboard in Dubai! A little adrenaline during the holidays won't hurt!
Our flyboard in Dubai sessions take place on the beach 50m from our base. From there your friends and family can admire your prowess in the water!