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What clothes to choose for you jet skiing session?

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So you’ve decided you are going to try out Dubai’s most popular water activity - the jet ski.Jet ski is a very popular sea activity. You get to experience the thrill of invigorating salt spray, jumping on the waves and spectacular turns. After the first ride on a jet ski, most people are more than satisfied and come back again, feeling more confident and enjoying the speed.

To ride a jet ski you will need:

  • A lycra top or swimsuit
  • A neoprene wetsuit
  • Some shoes suitable for water sports
  • A towel
  • A thermoregulating t-shirt can come in handy during cold periods or for those who often get cold

How to dress for jet skiing?

If you are going on a jet ski tour? The ride can take up to several hours. Clothing should be chosen with any possible circumstance in mind. Additionally, you may need:
  • goggles will protect you from getting salty sea water into your eyes during the tour. There are special goggles for jet skiing that also protect against UV rays. You can find them in any nautical accessory store.
  • sunscreen. SPF is an essential element when traveling on the water, we recommend at least SPF 30+, waterproof.
  • some drinking water will keep you safe from sunstroke in hot weather.

There are some additional safety accessories while riding a jet ski

A jet ski is a marine activity and it is important to be aware of the dangers. Be sure to use a life jacket to avoid drowning and stay afloat in emergencies. You should also bring buoys, hand lights, a magnetic compass and a hand pump in case of distress.We hope this article will come in handy when preparing for your ride, feel free to reach out to our managers for further equipment consultations. Being well prepared will ensure the ultimately enjoyable experience on the water. We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubai!