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Reasons to visit Dubai

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Ideally located in the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is an emirate with over three million inhabitants. For several years this city has become a trendy destination for millions of tourists. Among them are Hollywood stars, football players and others. The excitement around this huge city is explained by the variety of possible activities and its dynamism. Dubai is a constantly evolving city with ultra-modern architecture, high-end restaurants, nightlife and luxury stores.

Dubai offers a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages

Regardless of the length of your stay, you can enjoy:

  • a skiing session: ski enthusiasts can have a pleasant time practicing their hobby. To do so, you need to go to Ski Dubai, which is an indoor ski resort located in the large Emirates Mall. This resort offers five snow-covered slopes;
  • a visit to Dubai Mall: a symbol of the city, Dubai Mall is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the world. Spread over an area of 1 million m², this mall offers a total of 1,200 shops;
  • Desert safari: Dubai is highly coveted for its endless sandy beaches. To discover the desert landscapes that the city offers, you can go there on a camel's back or by car;
  • water activities along the Marina: Nemo Water Sports offers its visitors water activities full of thrills to leave with excellent memories. Jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, water car, wakeboarding, tubing, everything is possible!
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Magnificent hotels and skyscrapers

Considered the capital of excess, Dubai has gigantic towers that touch the sky. These are impressive hotels, shops, and offices. These excellent buildings were imagined and realized by the greatest architects in the world. You can visit the Burj Al Arab, which is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. Located in the Jumeirah district, this wonderful hotel offers suites where everything is designed to optimize your comfort. Apart from this hotel, you can also visit the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world with over 160 floors. 828 meters high, it offers an incredible view of the city on the 124th and 148th floors.

The Sun shines all year round

Pleasant weather is one of the biggest advantages of Dubai! During the months of December to April, temperatures range between 20°C and 30°C during the day, which is perfect for a maximum of activities. During the summer season, it can get hot, with temperatures ranging from 32°C and 40°C, this makes it the ideal time for swimming in hotel pools or in the sea.

Great security

Recent statistics have revealed that Dubai is a safe destination, ranking in the top 10 safest cities in the world for 2021. This emirate has a very low crime rate, estimated to be around 0%. Therefore, whether you are alone, with a partner, or with family, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the city safely both day and night.

Shop to your heart's content!

A trip to Dubai is the perfect opportunity to completely revamp your wardrobe. Whatever your fashion tastes and choices, you will find everything you desire in this beautiful city. Dubai has a plethora of boutiques of top fashion designers and up-and-coming designers offering beautiful clothes. You can also purchase beautiful jewelry as well as artisanal products to give to your loved ones.