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ParaSailing in Dubai

Discover Dubaï from the sky


A Parasailing

AED 300 - AED 550 - AED 800

Nemo Watersports Parasailing

Solo - Parasailing

AED 300 (VAT included)

You are on holidays in Dubai and wonder what to do in the UAE? At Nemo WaterSports, we offer some of the best activities in Dubai with a service of high European and UK standards! If jet ski in Dubai is too relax to visit the city and its waterfront, and if you are not afraid of heights, why not trying parasailing in Dubai! You will fly 90-100 above the Persian Gulf waters and have one of the best views of Dubai! You will be able to see the Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina Skyline, and even a bit of desert! You will take of form the boat and go back to the boat without touching the water, or if you want a bit of sea taste, you can slide on the sea! Our captain has several years of experience in parasailing and will make sure you have fun in a safe environment (on all our activities we insist on safety first and we have a great track record at it).

Nemo WaterSports Parasailing

Duo - Paraisailing

AED 550 (VAT included)

To detail you a bit more the parasailing activity, book on hour of your time. We meet at our marina, just next to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Our captain and the parasailing instructor will give you a quick briefing and you will board the parasailing boat for a 45 minutes to 1 hour tour depending on how many sessions are booked. We may have some space on the boat if you wish to come with friends or family - please let us know in advance. Or they can either wait for you on the sofa at our base, or at the beach 50 meters from the base. The boat will quit the marina, riding next to the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina Skyline and the palm. Then after 5-10 min at sea the parasailing instructor will open up the parachute and call the first flyer. You will fly 15min and then the next flyer will do. Bring your phone or a camera, during the experience the instructor will take photos and videos of you to let you some memories/proof of the parasailing experience.

Nemo WaterSports Parasailing
Nemo WaterSports Parasailing

Trio - Parasailing

AED 935 (VAT included)

If you never tried parasailing before, Dubai is the great place for your first flight! Don’t be shy, most of our clients try it for the first time and they love it!